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Looking for girlfights of any kind? Then this is the place to be! This site features stories of
3D girlfights in manga style. Some can be purchased, but the whole Osaka storyline (which includes
a closer look on Akano Engineering Institute where an undercover policewoman is doing some research)
is for free. In any case all of the stories are fictitious. No living or dead person is intended to be
shown here. You can access the stories from the category line above.
I also do custom-made stories. You want your fantasy be shown in colourful pictures? No problem, just
click on the "Custom-made" button, choose your package, and tell me what you want.
I also offer stories on Patreon, where you can support me. Take a look here:
Once in a while newsletters will be released. This is to inform you about new stories that are finished,
or stories that I am working on. In any case it will be wise to subscribe to the newsletter on the lower
left side of this page for the benefit of news and exclusive pictures.
Regarding purchase and downloads please note this: After purchase you have limited time only to download
your files (14 days/4 attempts). In case your download does not work properly, or even worse your link
is dead, please inform me immediately. I always have a backup and a second way to grant a download.
After purchase a download link will be provided, you will see it on the checkout site. It will not be
sent to your email address. Please see picture below to find the link.
Enjoy your stay!

Important: minors are not allowed here! If you are not of legal age, or if you are offended by nudity or violence, leave this site immediately!

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